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Gyroscope Calibration Alarm

Guidelines for using the gyro: 1. Do not change between Angle, Rate, and Angle and Rate. This forces a hard reset of the sensor that takes a few seconds to complete. During the hard reset the robot resets the Rate zero. Moving the robot during this reset will result in the Rate not reading zero […]

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Smart Deceleration Controlled by Degrees of Motor Rotations

This EV3-G Code demonstrates the ultimate deceleration MyBlock for EV3 robots. A deceleration function is of vital importance for successful FIRST LEGO League (FLL) program, as it limits wheel spin and improves robot stability. Download EV3-G Code:¬†BiDirectionalAccelerate.ev3p The program shown in below is the ultimate in flexibility in a Deceleration MyBlock Program, as it auto-detects […]

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2x Sensor Proportional Line Follower

This EV3 programming tutorial will teach you how to make a 2x Sensor Proportional Line Follower in EV3-G. This is a combination of two different line followers that I have previously made. This line follower preforms well in FIRST Lego League (FLL) Competition. 768 total views, 4 views today    Send article as PDF   

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