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How to change your EV3dev hostname

More people are now using ev3dev thanks to LEGO Education’s EV3 MicroPython. If you might find a need to change the EV3’s Bricks’s name use the until that feature is available at BrickMan level, this is the a way: access the ev3dev shell either through SSH (puTTY) or Visual Studio Code – don’t forget that […]

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Connect the PS3 Gamepad to the EV3 with microPython

Using an original PS3 Sixaxis controller that are not for sale anymore, but I guess any after market controller will work just as well. They are easy to find second hand or in garage sales too. We have not been able to get the newer PS4 controllers to work. 1,561 total views, 5 views today    Send […]

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Precision Movement of LEGO MINDSTORMS Motors

This tutorial shows how to get greater accuracy from regular LEGO MINDSTORMS Motors. It is possible to get the Ev3 motors to move with a precision of down to a degree or less. This is how it works: the green blocks have a brake function, enabled by default. It pulls the motor toward the last […]

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Move Straight with Gyroscope in Any Direction

Here is the New and Improved “Move Straight” with Gyroscope in Any Direction Code. Download Code: MoveStraight.ev3s   627 total views, 3 views today    Send article as PDF   

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Turn Any Angle with Gyroscope

Here is the New and Improved “Turn Any Angle” with Gyroscope Code. Download Code: TurnAnyAngle.ev3s 414 total views, 5 views today    Send article as PDF   

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EV3dev: Setting Up Wi-Fi Using the Command Line

You must have another way to connect to your robot first before following this tutorial. On the EV3, that means USB or Bluetooth. If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can plug in a monitor and keyboard to the Raspberry Pi. The instructions below are run on your robot itself. If you like to setup […]

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Install Etcher for flashing sdCards on Linux

Etcher is a free tool for flashing microSD card with the operating system images for Raspberry Pi single board computers. The user interface of Etcher is simple and it is really easy to use. It is a must have tool if you’re working with a Raspberry Pi project. I highly recommend it. Etcher is available […]

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Getting Started with Python for Mindstorms EV3

Python is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted scripting language. It is great for beginners, while also being powerful for experienced coders. If you are new to programming and unsure which language to choose, Python is a great choice! Installation This page guides you through the steps to collect and install everything you need to start programming […]

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Calibrating the EV3 Color Sensor

One of the things you learn quickly with using light as an input source is that it varies from place to place. The light in your classroom or basement can be very different from the light where the robotics event is being held. The idea behind calibration is to adjust your sensor to the conditions […]

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Squaring the FLL Robot to a Line on the Game Mat

Besides the table walls, most game fields will have some type of printing or markings on the field that your robot can use for alignment. You can align with those markings with Light Sensors. The trick is that you need to use a second EV3 Light Sensor for alignment. Only one is included in the […]

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