How to change your EV3dev hostname

More people are now using ev3dev thanks to LEGO Education’s EV3 MicroPython. If you might find a need to change the EV3’s Bricks’s name use the until that feature is available at BrickMan level, this is the a way:

  1. access the ev3dev shell either through SSH (puTTY) or Visual Studio Code – don’t forget that the default user is ‘robot’ and it’s password is ‘maker
  2. change te hostname with command ‘sudo hostnamectl set-hostname NAME
  3. restart avahi service with command ‘sudo service avahi-daemon restart

Another methon is using the ‘ev3dev-config’ tool with its option for change the Hostname:

sudo ev3dev-config

Then choose

4 Advanced Options  Configure advanced settings

Followed by

A1 Hostname    Set the visible name for this ev3dev device on a network

This can all be done from Visual Studio Code through the EV3dev Device Browser plugin as well.


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