Introducing the ‘Mow-Bot Tiger’ Robot

The ‘Mow-Bot Tiger’ is a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robot with dual motor outputs for accessories, while featuring a Quick Release type attachment assembly. Accessories can be interchanged within a fraction of a second thanks to the Over-Centre type Retaining Clips employed. These Retaining Clips are shown below in Purple.

The ‘Mow-Bot Tiger’ with Dual Claw Attachment

The Accessory output’s are driven by a pair of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Medium Motors. The motor’s outputs are geared down via a ‘Worm Gear‘ arrangement. This results in a slower output speed, but with an increase in available torque.


This method allows for direct connection to attachments without the need for further gearing down in the majority of cases. It also results in fine control of Hooks and Levers which act at a distance from the Attachment Mounting Point.

The ‘Mow-Bot Tiger’ FIRST LEGO League Robot Base

The Robot has a Gyroscopic Sensor for Precision Turns, and a pair of Colour Sensors to aid in Squaring the Robot to a Line, which helps in overall navigational precision. A Touch Sensor is attached to allow for Quick Program Stepping for the various challenges.

The 81.6mm Diameter Motor Cycle Tires where chosen for their superior grip on the rear of the Robot. They also allow for fast transitions around the Competition Field.

Instead of using Castor Wheels or Castor Ball, a Sledge Assembly was opted for the Team’s FLL Robot. This allowed for an increase in precision when turning, and allowed the Robot to scramble over objects with relative ease.

Download LEGO Digital Draw (LDD): Mow-Bots_Tiger.lxf
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  1. Krishna Samavedam says:



    I am coaching my son’s FLL team here in US. We came across your “Mow-Bot-Tiger”; it looks like you guys have put in lot of design thought into it.

    Would you mind sharing the design with us?


  2. Cristian Varela says:

    Hi. the design of the robot is impressive. I’m just starting out in EV3 robotics. Could you share the way to build your robot using LDD? thanks!!!

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