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Move Straight with Gyroscope in Any Direction

Here is the New and Improved “Move Straight” with Gyroscope in Any Direction Code. Download Code: MoveStraight.ev3s   627 total views, 3 views today    Send article as PDF   

627 total views, 3 views today

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Turn Any Angle with Gyroscope

Here is the New and Improved “Turn Any Angle” with Gyroscope Code. Download Code: TurnAnyAngle.ev3s 414 total views, 5 views today    Send article as PDF   

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Locate Lines on Game Mat

Before the robot can follow a line, it must first find the line. Although this process is fairly straightforward, some patterns used on the competition mats make it a bit more complicated. It is now quite common for mats to have patterns (separate from the lines) with dark areas that look black (or are black) […]

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Building Smart LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robots

Key Features Efficiently build smart robots with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discover building techniques and programming concepts that are used by engineers to prototype robots in the real world This project-based guide will teach you how to build exciting projects such as the objecta-tracking tank, ultimate all-terrain vehicle, remote control race car, or even a […]

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Squaring the Robot Up

No matter how well your robot navigates in any direction, it won’t take long before it loses track of where it is facing. This is just the nature of LEGO robots; they’re never going to be consistently accurate without a little help and some realignment. When your robot starts running a few missions, you’ll notice […]

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Smart Deceleration Controlled by Degrees of Motor Rotations

This EV3-G Code demonstrates the ultimate deceleration MyBlock for EV3 robots. A deceleration function is of vital importance for successful FIRST LEGO League (FLL) program, as it limits wheel spin and improves robot stability. Download EV3-G Code: BiDirectionalAccelerate.ev3p The program shown in below is the ultimate in flexibility in a Deceleration MyBlock Program, as it auto-detects […]

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Convert Distance to Degrees of Wheel Rotation

This tool and EV3-G MyBlock Code can be used to easily convert your wheel/tire size information into useful data to be used by First Lego League (FLL) Robots. 922 total views, 1 views today    Send article as PDF   

922 total views, 1 views today

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Simple Proportional Line Following Code

What Does Proportional Mean? A proportional control system measures the error (the difference between the system setpoint and the current state) in a system and then either increases or decreases the system output by enough to minimize the error. Proportional refers to the system’s ability to make small changes for small errors and large changes […]

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Calculating Wheel Movement for Accurate Turns

Overview: Two Types of Turns Calculating Rotations for Pivot Turns Equation for Calculating Pivot Turns Calculating Rotations for Point Turns Equation for Calculating Point Turns Relationships Between the Two Types of Turns Parting Thoughts Two Types of Turns: Pivot Turn – robot turns about a central point located at one of the wheels One wheel […]

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Using the Gyroscopic Sensor

Turn 90° Left, using Gyroscope: Turn 90° Right, using Gyroscope: Going ‘Straight’ using the Gyroscope: Download MyBlock: Gyro-GoStraight.ev3s    Send article as PDF   

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